Throughout my career, I have offered a wide range of services ranging from identifying talent to unleashing high potential, creating an inspiring place to work, building great teamwork, and making money while preserving the greater meaning of capitalism. On this page you can read some of the services I still offer today, and if you scroll down you will see some of the legacy services I offered back in the day.

Current Services

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The higher up you are in the hierarchy, the lonelier it gets. You need to talk to someone who has no personal agenda, with the knowledge, experience, and people skills to listen to you, to clear your mind and invigorate your thinking.
I help people have such conversations. I use storytelling to make these conversations engaging.

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Spreading Business Knowledge

New and unexpected events happen every day, every hour, and greatly impact businesses.New knowledge requires new thinking.

I examine these events through the lens of my business experience and offer my views as articles and blog posts to help you form yours.

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Part of a four-year leadership development program at a global bank.

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Helping College Students Grow

The Pandemic has magnified the challenges students face while trying to get ready for the business world.

I help students focus on the behaviors and skills that will enable them to lead happy and successful adult lives.

Legacy Services

examples of my work from throughout my career

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Building cohesive leadership teams

Leaders need to build teams in which members trust one another, respect the ability and talent of others, and have confidence in the commitment of their colleagues. Cohesive leadership teams can help weather major challenges, and preserve the core of their organizations threatened. Learn how to build such a team.

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Going global

International growth is no longer limited to large companies today; companies of all sizes and in almost all industries are expanding beyond the shores of their countries. The reasons are many - greater opportunities for expansion, change in public policy, growing global economic convergence, improved means of managing internationally, and growing competitive imperatives. International growth is no longer an option, it's a necessity. Today's challenges cannot be faced with yesterday's capabilities. An IMD study shows that in order to enjoy successful international growth, companies have to learn to do five things very well:

  • Think strategically on a global basis
  • Manage partnerships effectively
  • Staff effectively through expatriation and localization
  • Manage the learning process
  • Adapt the organization structure to shifting needs

Learn how your global team can succeed in these turbulent times.

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Becoming customer centric

Sales effectiveness is about understanding customer needs, then designing and delivering offerings that enable your customers to succeed. It is about being willing to be measured on the basis of your customers? successes and making that the basis of growth and profitability.

Sales effectiveness requires customer centric thinking. The Customer Centric Corporation is singularly focused on the customer. It requires rethinking the company, its mission, and its operations in customer terms. Customer Centricity is about relentlessly designing and delivering extraordinary customer experiences.

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Strategic and tactical leadership

These are momentous times in the history of the world. Never before have so many opportunities become available to corporations in such a brief period of history. The possibilities unleashed by technology and superior human thinking are too numerous to count.

Such unparalleled opportunities demand unparalleled capabilities and unparalleled actions. The leaders of today and tomorrow need a new roadmap. They need a toolkit that enables them to take risks, deal with ambiguity, touch the hearts of their colleagues and customers, and influence thinking. The Strategic Leadership program provides the tools to leaders who are due to take on greater responsibilities.

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Global culture

The operations of global businesses have spread to a point where we constantly find ourselves in the midst of people from different backgrounds, different countries, different beliefs, different expectations ? virtually different everything. Organizations are required to produce results far superior to those delivered in the past, while working with people whose beliefs and behaviors are far different from their own.

Success in such a climate requires the ability to deal with people who think differently, act differently, even process data and respond to stimuli differently. Corporations need to work in environments where their products and services are delivered to extremely diverse customer populations.

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Related services

  • Articulating organizational vision, mission, and values
  • Implementing mission and values
  • Partnering with C-suite executives to build an extraordinary culture
  • Building team work and trust across the corporation and extending it to clients, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Facilitating extraordinary organizational development initiatives
  • Helping corporations prepare to go global [global leadership competencies, global culture]
  • Developing leadership across the spectrum- from board room to boiler room
  • Implementing employee surveys and 360 degree surveys
  • Executive Coaching
  • Unleashing organizational creativity for the greater good
  • Identifying new wealth creating opportunities
  • Creating Customer WOW
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International Tanker Management Officers Conference